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Taneční publikum dneška?
(12. 05. 2016 18:46)
Tohle je to taneční publiku dneška? [www.youtube.com] postávať textovať správy atď?
A kde si lidii tu hudbu asi nejvíc užíva, nejvíc tancujou, a celkově vytvářejí perfektní atmosféru:
Nech pozerám klipy aké chcem, v tomto kraluje Polsko z tých videí to vyzerá na neuveritelnu atmosféru, a vobec, vyzerá to že keď tancuju a počuvaju tu hudbu tak si to maximálne uživaju sustreďuju sa len na hudbu a dokážu sa parádne odviazať.
Pak ješte innercity vyzerá celke dobře [www.youtube.com]

Pripadá mi to ako keby sa ľudia hanbili prejaviť alebo čo.
this is insane for sure but It happened because there were no such things as social media and people just didn't care because they knew they wouldn't be seen by many others doing such stuff. You see these things rarely today, which is of course better, but nevertheless the internet influenced people for worse, and more than it should have.. For example I can see it today on tv shows, people are like emotionless robots, like they are scared to even move because they're afraid they will get prejudged

" the reason these parties were so good is people didnt care what you look like, and they all just wanna dance as hard as they can . :( new age music killed rave sounds like in this video , its all about dubstep dnb and electro stuff nowadays
"if someone was born in a social background where hip-hop music is dominent, they're gonna be more exposed to it and will like it, same for top40 stuff. if trance was mainstream since decades (with the same flavour than now) than ppl are gonna tend to like it more...

and most ppl who live in a place where trance isnt popular or so were curious enough to try to get to know the genre a little more at first. im sure there are plenty of ppl who dont know much about trance like it (well, the few songs they heard) but never really tried to find more about it."
Edit: Marko Pedro (18. 07. 2016 20:45) (4x)
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