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avatar Dolvich (moderátor)
Nitrous Oxide - Avalon (Album) [RNM Bundles]
(01. 02. 2019 22:38)

Release Date: 22.2.2019
Label: RNM Bundles

01. Atacama
02. The Beauty Of The Night (with Maria Nayler)
03. Tsukuba
04. Infinity (Secret Mix)
05. Genesis
06. Two Sides (feat. Jess Morgan)
07. The Day (with Denise Rivera)
08. Neverending Dawn Of You (with Katty Heath)
09. Before I Met You (with Ana Criado)
10. Let Your Heart Beat Home (with Neev Kennedy)
11. Cage Bird (with Stine Grove)
12. First Aid
13. Spring Is Always Somewhere Else (with Fenna Day)
14. Golden Horizon (feat. Jess Morgan)
15. Lower Than The Ground (with Sarah Russell)
16. Clear As The Sky (with Sarah Lynn)
17. Avalon

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