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avatar Dolvich (moderátor)
Roger Shah - No Boundaries (Album) [Magic Island Records]
(27. 04. 2018 09:03)

Release Date: 11.5.2018
Label: Magic Island Records
Beatport: [www.beatport.com]

CD 1
01. No Boundaries
02. When You’re Here (with Aisling Jarvis)
03. Love Heals You (with LeiLani)
04. Star-crossed (with JES)
05. Reasons To Live (with Moya Brennan)
06. Beautiful Lie (with Yoav)
07. Triumvirate (with Stoneface & Terminal)
08. Hold Your Head Up High (with Aisling Jarvis)
09. Not Alone (with Brian Laruso feat. Angus Powell)
10. Castles In The Sky (with Inger Hansen)
11. Skyarium (with Taucher)
12. Fire (with Antillas & Zara Taylor)
13. Skyline (with Adrina Thorpe)
14. Eternal Time (with LeiLani)
15. Rapture (with Dante Thomas)
CD 2
01. Call Me Home (with Aisling Jarvis)
02. A Different Part Of Me (with Susie Ledge)
03. Castaway (Trenchtown Mix) (with Carla Werner)
04. Down By The Sea (with Emoiryah)
05. Fool 4 U (with Jackie Bristow)
06. Natural Order (with Rene Ablaze)
07. For The One You Love (with RAM & Natalie Gioia)
08. Al Ritmo Que Vas (with Suzie Del Vecchio)
09. The Namib (with Pierre Pienaar)
10. Sanctuary (with Suzy Solar)
11. Unbreakable (meets Aly & Fila & Susana)
12. Without You (with Sied Van Riel feat. Jennifer Rene)
13. Never Forget (with Nathia Kate feat. Amber)
14. One Life (Deeper Translation Mix) (with DJ Feel feat. Zara Taylor)
15. Somewhere Inside (Roger Shah Remix) (Tiësto pres. Allure feat. Julie Thompson)

avatar Dolvich (moderátor)
Re: Roger Shah - No Boundaries (Album) [Magic Island Records]
(28. 04. 2018 20:15)
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