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OUT NOW! tranzLift vs. AiryBoy - 1989 (The Remixes) [Beyond The Stars Recordings]
(18. 05. 2017 21:19)

Label: Beyond The Stars Recordings
Code: BTSR160
Release Date: 15.05.2017

Supporters List: Aly & Fila, Alex M.O.R.P.H., M.I.K.E. & more !

An original loved by many has been given a 2017 reboot like no other. AirLab7 comes into the mix remixing the classics tranzLift vs. AiryBoy - 1989. Bringing a whole new flavour and doing so with absolute prowess, the tune is a solid track that'll have you in the midst of euphoria. O.B.M. Notion never ceases to amaze and it’s with his signature sound that we so enviously crave. The tech-trance flare and his signature groove give us a feeling like never before. Do not shy away from this beauty that stands before you.

01. 1989 (AirLab7 Remix)
02. 1989 (O.B.M Notion Re-Lift)

Purchase link:
✓ Buy at Beatport: http://btprt.dj/2qlreWj
✓ Buy at iTunes: http://apple.co/2ra5Qo2
✓ Buy at Amazon: http://amzn.to/2r9TMTW

Available also on other stores like DJ Tunes, Trackitdown, DJ Shop, Junodownload etc ...


01. 1989 (AirLab7 Remix)

02. 1989 (O.B.M Notion Re-Lift)

Artist Info:
tranzLift: https://www.facebook.com/projecttranzlift
O.B.M Notion: https://www.facebook.com/OBM.Notion
AirLab7: https://www.facebook.com/AirLab7

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